System requirements Moonray

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel i5
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Disk Space: 5 GB
Gamepad Support: Full



Today we offer you a fantastic action game with elements of surrealism in a third-person format, which provide you with the opportunity to participate in the original story. You must find the sacred element, which gives the ability to control the whole planet. Therefore, if this project interests you, we recommend that you visit the presented portal of games. There you can easily download Moonray torrent and appreciate the musical accompaniment in the game from the cult producer Ten Walls. Grim Wilkins, a genius in the art of the comic book genre, also made his hand here, who created such a vivid picture with an original style and a dynamic battle system.

More about the game

The player gets a chance to improve his skills and weapons, talents and protection – all in order to resist the onslaught of one cruel cult. You will move along dark and narrow corridors, explore large open areas, fight for the restoration of valuable resources. You only need to download Moonray torrent to open a new surreal landscape of the Moon, in which many secrets and dangers are hidden.

Early access

The official release of the project is preparing for the summer of 2021. But getting discounted early access to the interactive is real. The pricing policy will depend on the level of game content and released updates. At the moment, there is only an alpha version of the game, which will still suffer many changes and additions. But the content will certainly be available during early access to the game.

Discover the original world

Game world Moonray is an abundance of surreal areas. Events unfold in the vastness of the sacred place of a very dangerous religious cult. They will be your opponents in the game. Each world has its own biomes and the original religious structure, the authors of the project devoted a lot of time to this.

There is one very important and valuable resource in this world called miium. He has unprecedented power. The cult has already gained access to it and with its help is building new shrines and temples. You must carefully study all locations when you will race for this material. The adversary never sleeps and constantly improves his abilities.

Story line

So, in the Moonray storyline, you are transported several millennia ago. In those days there was such a creation, Iltar, it was to him that the mystery and power of miium was revealed, which awarded Iltar with almost divine abilities. But this creature was greedy and insatiable, so over time it tried to take over the entire galaxy in order to find even more valuable resource. Thanks to her creative skills, it created landscapes and more fully-fledged “solar systems”.

Iltar had the ability to control the stars and the ability to reign throughout the galaxy for many centuries. But one of the worlds did not want to put up with such an order and rebelled against Iltar. There, people themselves discovered the capabilities of miium, worshiped its uniqueness, which caused the emergence of almost religion. Then followed a crazy craving for power, which gave rise to a desire to create their own deity. Therefore, Iltar woke up after so many centuries of sleep, because this creature does not want to lose control of miium. Your character will travel around this world and try to get out of enemy traps.

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