System requirements Moncage

OS: Windows 7
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 1 GB



Among the huge assortment of game projects that are presented for solving various kinds of puzzles, sometimes there are really fascinating games. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the Moncage game, the torrent of which you can download by clicking on the specified link for free. But first, you must be prepared to solve the most difficult tasks. In front of you is a device in the form of a cube that has several time planes at once. Simply put, on each side are placed particles of the story of our hero. This may be photographs, memories, different situations and the like. This will give you the opportunity to put together the whole story and find out what happened in his life.

More about the game

If we talk about the features, then the game Moncage differs in the mechanics of solving puzzles. Each stage of this adventure requires you to perform some action: search for a photograph, passing the test, creating a particular situation. In order to complete all this, you need to use any of the sides of this cubic device. It is also necessary to take into account the fact. That all parties are interconnected and any of your actions or decisions will be immediately displayed on the remaining planes. So you must be very careful and try not to make mistakes with the decision. There is a chance of a mistake that cannot be fixed, so watch what you do.

Interactive puzzle

The adventures in the game Moncage will be a kind of various tests for you. Various situations are displayed on the sides of the cubes, and you must adapt to such a gameplay and achieve a victorious goal. Solving all these tasks will be quite difficult, however, the level of complexity itself depends on how careful you are. Therefore, you must help the main character to collect all your memories into a single whole. Only in this way will he be able to remember his former life. We can only wish you a good game and a positive result!

Game features

non-standard puzzle;
You can influence events in several universes at once;
quite entertaining tasks;
fascinating story;
unique gameplay.

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