Mirror for LG T 3.6


System requirements Mirror for LG T 3.6

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Mirror for LG T 3.6

Mirror for LG T 3.6 – applications for mirroring the screen of your Mac on any LG Smart TV. No wires or additional hardware required! You can also stream personal videos from your Mac to TV. We also included the ability to watch 2 different videos on Mac and TV at the same time! The app works on any LG Smart TV model from 2012 and later. When using the application, there will be a delay of several seconds (usually between 1 and 3 seconds). Therefore, this application is not suitable for games.

Nevertheless, it is very suitable for watching movies, presentations, viewing photos, and much more!

More about the program

The performance of the Mirror for LG T 3.6 application will depend on the quality of your local network. Here are some tips to improve your results:
– It is advisable to connect the TV to a router (router) using a LAN cable.
– Use an “AC” router. If you don’t have one, router “N”.
– Try not to overload the WiFi network by moving large files while you are using the application.

How the app works:

First, make sure your LG TV is on the same network and subnet as your Mac. The TV should not be in Screen Mirror mode, but in normal TV mode or any HDMI IN port.
After launching the application, you will see the application icon at the top of your Mac and the application will search for TV on your network. It will notify you when it finds it. Now, you have two options:

Mirror your Mac’s screen:

Use the option to mirror your Mac screen to TV. In source, you can choose which screen (or second monitor) you want to output to the TV. If you have several applications running on your Mac, you can also choose which of the windows you want to stream.
Unmute Sound: Read this to hear Mac sound on TV correctly.

Mirror for LG T video file playback:

Use this option if the video is on your Mac and you just want to play it on TV. Drop it in the drawer and it will play on TV.


Apple has HDCP DRM protection for playing iTunes movies. This means that screen mirroring is not possible when watching movies from iTunes.

On this page you can download Mirror for LG T 3.6 for Mac OS for free via torrent.



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