Mineko’s Night Market

System requirements Mineko’s Night Market

Disk space: 4 GB
Gamepad support: Full



Mineko’s Night Market

An adventure simulator for lovers of trade and games like Animal Crossing. Download Mineko’s Night Market torrent for free and immerse yourself in fun exploration, crafting and history exploration. The protagonist of the game is an inquisitive girl Mineko, who has moved to new housing on a Japanese island near Mount Fugu. The local population is quite superstitious, choosing with the deity of the Sun Cat named Abe. Many considered the legendary animal only a myth, only stories and testimonies emerge that “God” began to appear to the world.

More about the game

Mineko’s Night Market invites you to immerse yourself in the history of the town, revealing its secrets and not forgetting about everyday worries. Complete main quests, solve peculiar puzzles and puzzles, invent unique items to trade at the weekly night fair. The game introduces Japanese culture by presenting it in a favorable light. But it also touches on such important categories as friendship, rituals, foundations and beliefs. And, of course, many cats are waiting for you.

Game features

– wander around the town and its surroundings, find valuable resources and items, make good friends;
– rare resources allow you to create items with unique properties;
– competent barter with locals at the weekly night fair will make money, so become a master of your craft and offer only quality goods;
– take part in games and competitions that will diversify your leisure: these are animal races, wrestling in sumo suits and many other interesting things;
– find out the secret of the mysterious deity Abe and the island itself.

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