System requirements Mindustry:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Video Card: OpenGL 2.0 Support
Disk space: 200 MB



All resources in our world are represented in limited quantities and in one day this will cause rivalry of large corporations and even entire states. They will begin to fight among themselves for the right of possession. Is this plot interesting? Then we suggest you download the Mindustry torrent right now from our game portal for free. You have to try on the role of the head of a small corporation.

She is engaged in the leadership of some combat structures and the development of defensive technologies. This is all done to protect resources from enemy treachery. In the game Mindustry, you will be engaged in the extraction of resources, actively defend against enemy attacks and in response to carry out expansive actions. All functions will be revealed during the game, so move forward as quickly as possible to open access to them.

More about the game

Mindustry game is designed in the form of active construction and resource extraction. First you need to start organizing the extraction, and then build defenses against your opponents. After all, competitors are on the alert and learn about what resources you have available. They will attack your base, and you should make sure that they do not get inside. Destroy anyone who wants to steal your resources. Defensive structures have different functionalities, remember this.

In the process of playing Mindustry, battles will become larger and more dangerous. Carefully monitor what is happening, carefully weigh your every decision, only in this way you can achieve the desired result. Tactical planning will be an excellent assistant in this situation and the basis for a successful result. Use your functions to the maximum, build the strongest and strongest protection, do not forget about replenishment of reserves and extraction of resources. Get full control of all resources. Good luck with that!

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