Mina the Hollower


System requirements Mina the Hollower

Windows 8+
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 ghz.
Intel Core HD Graphics (2000 Video memory: 512 MB.
DirectX 11.
Keyboard, mouse

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Mina the Hollower

Mina the Hollower is an adventure game created in an authentic 8-bit style. It is a reference to the consoles and consoles of the first generations, but adapted to modern realities. Entertainment simultaneously broadcasts old-school mechanics and allows you to realize new opportunities.

History and main character

The player controls a combat mouse named Mina. She finds herself on an island overrun by monsters. The tiny heroine must overcome her fear and free the territory from hostile invaders. To do this, she has a harsh whip and the skill of quickly moving underground.

To start the rescue mission, you need to download the Mina the Hollower torrent on your PC. After that, the first level will open, full of useful items, traps, enemies and atmospheric locations. And don’t be confused by pixelated characters and the world around you – they can captivate and interest you no worse than a game with graphics that are as close to reality as possible.

Weapons and gameplay

Controlling the heroine is very easy. She jumps, dodges attacks, strikes and breaks objects. And if necessary, the mouse skillfully goes underground and covertly overcomes huge distances. As you progress through the levels, weapons are improved. It is stored in a reliquary, from where it periodically falls into the paws of Mina!

In parallel with the destruction of the villains, the heroine collects valuable items. This helps to pump parameters, become stronger and faster. The evolution of the world, opponents and weapons is available for a reason – the powers and skills of the bosses are also constantly increasing. And if you are not afraid to fight with numerous enemies, it’s time to download Mina the Hollower via torrent for free.

Game Features

Convenient gameplay and high school graphics
Weapon customization and skill upgrades
Excellent selection of diverse levels
Interesting visual effects
Atmospheric soundtrack.

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