Microsoft Windows 11 x64 official ISO image MSDN 21H2 22000.258


System requirements Microsoft Windows 11 x64 official ISO image MSDN 21H2 22000.258

Date of updates: 24 October 2021
Version: Windows 11 business version (updated build 22000.258) MSDN
Bit depth: 64-bit
Interface Language: English
Image size: 5.03 GB


Microsoft Windows 11 x64 official ISO image MSDN 21H2 22000.258

You can already download a clean Windows 11 Microsoft, also from our site you can download Microsoft Windows 11 x64 official ISO image MSDN 21H2 22000.258 torrent for installation on a laptop or computer. Microsoft has successfully fixed the most obvious bugs in the release of Windows 11, releasing the first major fix for it, as well as the updated MSDN version itself. It is her that we provide you in this topic. It was decided to offer you a business version, because there is no Enterprise edition in the public Windows 11 consumer. And it is in great demand, because contains more functionality than the Pro edition. So for you – the official image with the most significant fixes and the best choice of editions.

More about the utility

Requirements for the presence of TPM / UEFI here, of course, are standard. But thanks to the capabilities of the new versions of Rufus (or some other tricks), you can install this image on unsupported hardware. But we want to warn you that in the absence of a TPM interface, you can observe not only problems with updates, but also some other troubles regarding the stability of the system. Therefore, it is still better to install Windows 11 on a more or less modern PC. By the way, not all users are aware that they may have this TPM2 interface at all.

Just in case, check the options in the BIOS (like fTPM or Intel PTT). It is possible that you have TPM2 (just disabled), because this crypto processor is present in the largest number of motherboards since 2015. Therefore, if the standard installation indicates an incompatibility, then just in case, check in the BIOS if TPM2 is simply disabled as a component. We emphasize that the installation of Microsoft Windows 11 x64 official ISO image MSDN 21H2 is most justified on compatible hardware!

Fixes in fresh build 22000.258

– Comprehensively improved the quality of the system, increased its safety.
– Eliminated compatibility and performance issues in Intel programs “Killer”, “SmartByte”.

Writing to a USB flash drive with disabling TPM / SecureBoot verification
In the new version of Rufus, you can not only disable TPM / SecureBoot check for writeable Windows 11, but also check the amount of RAM.
– Downloading fresh Rufus.
– After inserting and specifying the USB flash drive, go to the “Image Options” option.
– You need to select the Extended Win 11 Installation option (with no TPM / SecureBoot).
– Write down a USB flash drive.

This simple instruction will allow you to easily install Windows 11 on a PC without TPM / SecureBoot. So Rufus is still one of the most convenient tools for transferring an image to a USB flash drive. However, Microsoft has warned that problems on incompatible hardware may not be limited to receiving updates. Therefore, the most recommended option for hardware incompatible with Win 11 is still Windows 10 (or previous versions suitable for the device).

Positive features of Windows 11

– Convenient creative space – for work, study, creativity, games, etc.
– Accelerated gaming performance (Microsoft claims). Many reviews from game lovers also confirm a significant increase in performance (especially, on a fairly powerful modern hardware).
– Fresh airy interface with redesigned Explorer, icons, taskbar and other elements. The rounded edges and translucency of the windows look very impressive.
– New features for the digital pen function.
– Improved security, maximum adaptation for Microsoft accounting, cloud data protection. In general, all users without much experience can be advised to simply follow Microsoft’s recommendations in this system, and your data will be really well protected.

On this page you can download Microsoft Windows 11 x64 official ISO image MSDN 21H2 22000.258 via torrent for free on your PC.



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