Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 16.42

System requirements Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 16.42

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 16.42

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 16.42 is a designer for creating presentations that allows you to design professional slides in minutes. The application supports high resolution, transitions, animated and dynamic inserts, as well as adding photos, audio and video materials.

More about the program

Microsoft PowerPoint redefines the presentation design process with an impressive array of visual aids, audio features, and graphic effects. Presenter View lets you review and rehearse your presentations by displaying the current slide, presenter notes, and the next slide on a second screen during a slide show.

The PowerPoint mobile app lets you view, edit, and create presentations on your mobile phone or tablet.

Key features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019:

Step by step creation of presentation materials.
A wide selection of themes from a set of different color schemes.
Video editing and image quality improvement.
Setting bookmarks on favorite frames.
Auto-expand function to display slides on correct screens – no more fiddling with options and hardware.
Use guides to align shapes and text boxes on slides.
Insert and edit scalable vector graphics (SVG format).

The ability to zoom in the presentation of charts, graphs or other graphic objects with just a couple of clicks
Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 16.42 tools for graphics editing, color correction and formatting, implementation of artistic effects, animation.
The auto-expanding settings for the second screen ensure that the presentation is displayed in the required format.
Content sharing and remote collective editing with the exchange of comments in the PowerPoint 2019 interface.
View and restore changes in shared documents.

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