System requirements MHL

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Also: Keyboard, mouse




Today we bring to your attention a very original game project called MHL, which will be presented completely as a text game. It is more like a hacker program. In it you can, thanks to one text, put together a team of professional hockey players. Then you will remotely conduct training and try to make them the winners of the division, win the hockey cup, while commanding through the monitor.

More about the game

It all starts with the fact that our hero received a call from his uncle. And he happily informed him that in the game of poker he won an entire hockey team. But since his uncle is very poorly versed in this sport, he offers you, as his nephew, to become both a coach and a team director. And you’re quite bored, there’s nothing special to do, so you are happy to accept this offer. The storyline of the MHL is spinning quite rapidly and now you are faced with a difficult choice: either victory in a major tournament or prison. As you know, the choice is quite obvious and therefore you begin to actively develop a strategy, build training plans, etc.

Game process

At the beginning of the gameplay, you will have at your disposal 100 completely random hockey players with a different set of characteristics. You can control them, as in chess, the individual characteristics of each player can be useful in the overall concept of the team. Those players that you do not need, you can sell or agree on an exchange. To improve your financial situation, you can use the services of agents, take part in various advertising campaigns, win tournaments with cash funds. So, if you really like sports, in particular, hockey. That this project is for you. You can download MHL torrent on our website for free.


As you know, to win in such a large-scale competition is quite difficult. You can collect the coolest players in a team, but even this does not guarantee you victory. It all depends on both the players and you as the leader. You have to develop different strategies, analyze the games of potential opponents, find their weaknesses, you can quietly break the rules and even cheat, bribe referees. In a word, you can do anything to win a coveted victory. After all, you remember what will happen otherwise. Therefore, you need to download the MHL torrent as soon as possible and start the game.

Game Features:

awesome simulator that will plunge you into the world of hockey;
the opportunity to assemble a really cool team and win a trophy;
tactical skills and the ability to analyze the games of opponents will help you to win the winning result;
rather tough ultimatum in case of defeat;
excellent gameplay and high-quality graphic design;
Become a cool manager and lead the team to gold.

On this page you can download the MHL game torrent free on PC.



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