Metro Last Light Redux

System requirements Metro Last Light Redux

Support only 64-bit systems
Windows OS: Windows Vista (64), Windows 7 (64), Windows 8 (64)
Processor: Dual Core CPU (2.2+ GHz Dual Core CPU)
Video card: DirectX 10, Shader Model 3 (GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB, GeForce GTS 250)


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Metro Last Light Redux

Metro Last Light Redux is a 1st person camera shooter for the PC, which is a direct sequel to Metro 2033. This dilogy is based on great books that gave an interesting plot, horror atmosphere and a developed post-apocalyptic universe of a computer game. We offer you to play Redux version for PC completely in Russian, which differs from the original in many factors.

Firstly, improved detailing, pumped framework. Secondly – optimization, which will allow the game to run on less powerful computers, but with a 64-bit system. It is necessary for everyone to go through Metro Last Light Redux, this is the project about which they say “great”. Download Metro Last Light Redux on our website.

The gameplay has become more diverse, thanks to not indifferent fans who “stormed” the developer studio with their suggestions. Now the gamer will have more opportunities for passing, added a stealth mode, a certain non-linearity and moral choice. Artyom, the protagonist, was awarded a solid arsenal of firearms: from revolvers and magnum-based handicraft pistols to shotguns, machine guns, modernized Kalash, large-caliber rifles, air rifles and light machine guns, in addition to throwing ammunition.

All well-known publications have taken the game very warmly, noting the great game design, graphics and excellent localization. You will receive five additions to the game, which will increase the duration of the gameplay, shed light on the plot twists and turns, as well as introduce you to all the characters closer.

The game Metro Last Light – Redux for PC is a good opportunity to return to the familiar shooter again. It was a series of games based on the famous book Metro 2033 that brought success to these guys and promoted them even in the west. Now they are ready to once again prove that it was not in vain, releasing a reissue, with even more improved graphics.



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