Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story

System requirements Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 or equivalent
Video card: GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Hard disk space: 59 GB


Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story

To the second modification to the Metro Exodus game project called Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story, there were many positive reviews. This is also because the supplement was published not so long ago. As you can draw conclusions from the title, the story will tell us about a man named Sam. We’ll try to find out why it is so special? Initially, it is known that the main character served in the infantry troops of the American army. He used to be in the ambassadorial service in Moscow, but for a long period of time Sam wanted to return home to find his family. Download torrent Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story at the specified link for free.

More about the game

Naturally, our main protagonist served even before the hostilities. After the war began, Sam knew that of all the cities, Moscow remained alive. Wandering through the dark alleys and subway tunnels, the opportunity to return to their homeland seemed almost unrealistic. However, as it was later established that Moscow was not the last surviving city, Sam’s hope came to life again. Download torrent Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story can be on our game portal for free.

In this game, you will go on an exciting journey together with the main character, who seriously intends to leave for his native land. Perhaps the easiest and most affordable method is a trip to Vladivostok. As soon as you arrive, you will not recognize the city at all, or rather, what is left of it. A swept away tsunami with ruined houses and industrial buildings – this is how a post-apocalyptic city will appear in front of you.

For some reason, our Metro Exodus character, Sam’s Story, thought that his visit would be welcome here, however, he was very mistaken. Here he will learn to survive and make the most of his abilities and skills. The conditions will be very difficult and your hero will have to oh how sweet. The new mod called Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story will provide you with a couple of hours of great time.

Game features

So, let’s figure out a bit with the characters of this modification: Samuel, aka Sam. Taylor is an American citizen and the protagonist of the modification. Edward is the captain of the submarine USS Mayflower. Tom is an American who sells weapons; before the war he worked in the city in his specialty. Also added several varieties of new weapons. Stallion is a fairly modified Colt M1911. “Sammy” is a makeshift rifle, which was created according to the American prototype.

And in Vladivostok, you will have to meet new monsters. A demon is a type of mutant that can fly. Its surviving inhabitants of Vladivostok are called “winged.” Animal man – once was a representative of the human race, but after degrading to the state of an animal, the phenotype underwent significant changes. A guard is a creature living in a herd that looks a bit like a rat. He is a relative of creatures living in Moscow and in the Saratov region. Download Metro Exodus – Sam’s Storey can be sent from our website.

Kikimora, a small scavenger mutant, also has family ties with creatures that live in the above areas. Worms are dangerous overgrown creatures, you can find them in Vladivostok, in hangars. Electric spiders are huge arthropods that have undergone mutations, they look like their relatives from Moscow, but they have a peculiarity – the ability to collect electricity and radiate it. Most often found in an abandoned hangar submarine.

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