Metro Conflict Presto

System requirements Metro Conflict Presto

OS: Microsoft Windows 32bit XP (SP3), 7, 8, 10.
Processor: Dual Core 2.4GHz.
Video card: Intel HD3000.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Hard disk space: 5 GB.



Metro Conflict Presto

Many players are familiar with the Alliance of Valiant Arms computer game, released by Red Duck in the multiplayer shooter genre in 2007. And so the development company is preparing another surprise for gamers, very similar to the previous project. A new game will be released called Metro Conflict Presto. In the predecessor, the players acted in the current time, that is, the plot unfolds in the 21st century. The novelty provides for your journey into the future. As it turns out, a lot of problems await you there. Due to social tension, wars are unfolding in the world, and cities now look like battlefields.

More about the game

In the game there are many videos that fill the project with atmosphere, which is very difficult to convey in words. There are several important points. First of all, the gameplay has much in common with A.V.A .. It can be called classic, something similar to Counter-Strike. Although, of course, there are some peculiarities. Secondly, thanks to Unreal Engine 3, excellent visualization was created, also closely related to A.V.A. but the new project differs significantly from its predecessor in beautiful graphics.

The main feature of the game Metro Conflict Presto is that the character can use two guns at the same time. It was this feature that attracted the attention of players even when the project was just starting to advance. In addition, along with the cannon, you can use the futuristic shield, taking it in the second hand. To maintain balance, use aimed fire when two guns are in the hands is not allowed. Visibility is reduced, and the reasons for this are understandable. But the fact that the weapon is quick-firing and slaughter compensates for some inconvenience. There are a large number of tactical possibilities. Make sure that your character has his own, polished style of play. At the same time, do not forget about the partners, and try not to harm them.

Game process

As already mentioned, the gameplay of this project has many similarities with A.V.A., but not without improvements and upgrades. The development company also pays attention to its previous project, releasing some refinements and updates. The creators also provided for a cooperative mode, which means that Metro Conflict Presto is supplemented by a pair mode. Now you can enjoy long “double” missions even longer. This computer game can be called a classic representative of the shooter genre. It is striking in variety. For example, a gamer can take control of a combat vehicle and a machine gun. The game is filled with a dynamic process, exciting, with great tactical capabilities.

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