Metro 2033 – Redux

System requirements Metro 2033 – Redux

Support only 64-bit systems
Windows OS: Windows Vista (64), Windows 7 (64), Windows 8 (64)
Processor: Dual Core CPU (2.2+ GHz Dual Core CPU or better)
Video card: GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB, GeForce GTS 250


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Metro 2033 – Redux

Metro 2033 – Redux is a computer game in the genre of shooter with a view from the first person. But that immediately captivates, it was developed by domestic developers from the studio 4A Games, located in Kiev.

The basis was taken of the same book, which tells about the post-apocalyptic life on planet Earth. This happened after the release of nuclear missiles in Russia, because of which all residents had to leave the surface and move to live in the subway tunnels. Now, where only rats used to live, a new life has appeared. Fractions are formed. Among them, there was a place and the modern likeness of the Nazis. You also get the role of Artem, who was born just before the start of the bombing, so he spent his entire adult life underground in the Russian subway.

But one day, oddities begin, every night, having closed his eyes, he begins to dream of a knowledge that it promises to underground inhabitants danger, in the form of dark ones, which need urgently to be destroyed by lowering the rocket into their lair. He immediately goes to one old man for help, because it is clearly not easy dreams, they can soon become a reality. He says that Artyom is the chosen one, who is able to try on dark people, but for this he needs to arrange negotiations, so the heroes set off on the lower levels of the subway, where, according to old legends, the souls of the dead live, heard if you hook the ear to the pipes. But the journey would be too simple if some factions did not agree with this development, wanting to kill the protagonist and gain power over the entire underworld. Thanks to the updated engine on the PC, the game, which was already called the most beautiful project of 2012, is getting even better. In Metro 2033 – Redux, you will get an unforgettable gaming experience from passing.



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