Men of War 2 Arena

System requirements Men of War 2 Arena

OS: Windows 7 or higher.
Processor: Intel Pentium G-2.5Ghz.
Video card: NVidia GT720 or AMD R7-240.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Hard disk space: 5 GB.
Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card.


Men of War 2 Arena

In the presented game Men of War 2 Arena, you will have to concentrate as much as possible and show your mental abilities, since you will not have to play alone, in addition, interactions will be with different characters.

More about the game

For those who have already played, it will not be news that this game cannot be attributed to any particular genre. Everything was mixed here: both action and WWII setting, and elements of strategy. So, if you are interested, then you can download the torrent Men of War 2 Arena on our game portal. This game can be described as a strategy with amazing action or tactical shooting on a large scale. This series of games has already existed for about 10 years, so gamers were looking forward to the release of the second part with great impatience.

Game Features:

– The game has a special mode called Direct Control. Here you can play for different units in your own army, it can be a game from the first or third person. Also, whenever you want, you can switch to keyboard control. For example, you need to set the trajectory of the projectile and select the part of the tank that you want to penetrate.
– A huge selection of units, there are approximately 200 variations and 3 different fractions. It is worth noting that the units were created as a prototype of real TTX units that existed during the Second World War.
– The creators of the game very carefully worked out the picture of the battles, they thought through all the details and tried to give them the most realistic look. But also, without specific support, these or other troops will not be able to win the battle.
– Also in the game there are many variations for the characters. Each unit has at its disposal a wide range of tactical capabilities. This is the capture of the enemy, the conduct of reconnaissance measures, theft of equipment, sabotage, the arrangement of protective redoubts, the installation of mines and their clearance, the need to take the wounded from the battlefield to the medical center and much more.
– If you go to our site to download the torrent Men of War 2 Arena, you can get the opportunity to destroy any building or object in this world. You will also use shelters to defend against enemy attacks.
– Each technical unit will have its own set of components. They can be disassembled, destroyed in different ways, etc. So, before shooting, the probability of breaking through the equipment will be calculated. It depends on the type of ammunition, as well as the technical characteristics of the weapon, the distance, the angle of inclination, how strong the armor is, and much more. In the same way, the chances of detonation, etc. are calculated.

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