Melvor Idle


System requirements Melvor Idle:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or newer with SSE2 support
RAM: 512 MB
Video card: Integrated graphics
Disk space: 200 MB

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Melvor Idle

This is a unique role-playing game that has a “passive” gameplay. This is primarily due to the fact that there will be no activities in the game as such, you will only have access to a variety of reports, texts and pictures that you can carefully study and use all the available functions. But first of all, we want to invite you to download the Melvor Idle game via torrent and start learning all the features of a kind of text game. It has a number of improvements and has been redesigned for a modern style, so you won’t have time to get bored and tired. On the contrary, this format of a game adventure will allow you to get access to a large number of very different possibilities.

Mindfulness and prudence

The main advantage during your adventure will be that you can carefully analyze your surroundings without too much trouble. The game is a fantasy adventure with a wide variety of possibilities: crafting, building, resource extraction and much more. Battles, treasure hunting, land grabbing and even confronting huge dragons, all of this will be available for active play and will allow you to get the most out of the adventure. Therefore, you just have to actively use all your capabilities and try to achieve a good result.


This time, you will need to try to assess your capabilities and demonstrate the ability to clearly analyze the situation. To do this, it will be enough just to download the game Melvor Idle via torrent on your PC and after that you can enjoy every moment of the adventure. Don’t wait for luck or luck, none of this works here. You have to actively use all your capabilities and try to achieve a favorable result.

Game features

Unusual gameplay with a text adventure backbone.
Endless possibilities in the development of the protagonist.
Magic, dragons and endless spaces.
Crafting, building system and even the ability to create personal spells.

On this page you can download the game Melvor Idle torrent free on a PC.



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