System requirements MechaNika:

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Disk space: 600 MB



In the adventure game MechaNika is very interesting, you can even say a crazy story, so to understand it, you have to pretty hard work. According to the developers themselves, this is a real psychopathic adventure and, judging by the game, there is no point in arguing with them. In the role of a 7-year-old girl, Niki, you are transported into the world of amazing visions caused by the effect of a glass of cognac that Nika added to her mug of cocoa. Although, maybe this allowed Nick to see the world exactly as it is? Even so, she is ready to fix it!

More about the game

I must say that Nika is a very unusual girl, she has her own views on the world, she loves what others can not stand, such as physics, chemistry and other sciences, and indeed our heroine MechaNika is very intelligent. Which of course causes a number of problems in communication, not only with peers, but also with adults, even her own parents do not want to understand Nick. To cope with such a situation, Nika even applied to the bottle of cognac that she wears in a backpack, but of course it couldn’t last long and I had to do something.

As already mentioned, our heroine is a very smart girl and she came up with a plan how to change the world. Yes, yes that’s how to change the world for yourself. And your task is to help the brave girl in such a difficult matter.

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