System requirements MDK 2 HD:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP | Vista | 7
Processor: 2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Hard disk space: 600 MB
Sound Device: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Video card: 256 MB



MDK 2 HD is an action-adventure remake in which you will confront alien creatures, fly through space, get out of captivity, solve puzzles and try to save the world from impending threats. The plot of the game begins in low-earth orbit in 1999. The main characters of the first part did their job well and decided to relax, do their favorite things and escape from the war. But suddenly, they are in trouble in the form of aliens. Enemies begin attacks on the protagonists, and some are even taken prisoner.

More about the game

MDK 2 HD begins in low-earth orbit. The main characters celebrate the victory, Kurt Hektik wants to return to his duties as a cleaner, but a new minecrafter attacks the ground, and the doctor again sends Kurt to stop him. After killing the manager, Kurt is about to return to the station, but he is captured by Schwang Schwing. The Doctor tries to warn him, but communication is jammed from a nearby ship in orbit, so Dr. Hawkins sends Max to deal with the problem. When Max fights his way through the ship, he is also taken prisoner, and at this time aliens land on the Jim Dandy. The doctor bravely fights aliens, wins, sends himself Kurt, Kurt without a suit, and the doctor

Story line

Hawkins gives him a new one and sends him to save Max. Kurt breaks into the ship, saves Max, and defeats Schwang Schwing. After the battle, the heroes contacted the Doctor, but heard the voice of the aliens and realized that their leader was taken prisoner. Schwang mines the ship, and Kurt rushes after him into the opened portal. Max takes a shuttle to the Jim Dandy to rescue the Doctor. There he also destroys the evil “brother” – the Robo-Dog and rescues his inventor. The Doctor sends him to the portal, implying that all alien raids are coming from there, and continues to clear the ship of aliens, led by a competitor in intelligence – BEFB. You can download MDK 2 HD torrent from our website.

Characters in PC Version:

Dr. Fluke Hawkins is the inventor of the spacecraft in which he voluntarily went into exile in near-earth orbit. He is a crazy genius. He is very smart and has knowledge in many areas of science.
Janitor Kurt is the Doctor’s janitor wearing an ultra-tech suit that is equipped with a homing machine gun as well as a parachute.
The Dog Max is an invention of the Doctor – a six-legged dog that loves powerful weapons and does not let a Hawaiian cigar out of its teeth. Likes to swear and leads an aggressive policy towards aliens.

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