Max Payne 2

System requirements Max Payne 2

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven
Processor: Penium III / Athlon @ 1 GHz or Celeron / Duron @ 1.2 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video card: from 64 MB | DirectX 9
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0
Sound Card: DirectSound
Disk space: 2 GB


Max Payne 2

Facial expressions and facial animations in Max Payne 2 made a profound breakthrough, when compared with the first part, download via torrent to compare. The increase in the number of polygons is not worth it, and mention this is so obvious. In addition to all the striking improvements to the game, a physical engine has been screwed up, which will delight us with the excellent physics of objects. He will make shooting even more lively and cinematic. In terms of downloads on modern media, the game pleases that it starts easily and does not create unnecessary problems. Moreover, this version is intended for wide-angle screens.

More about the game

The design is still beautiful. It is worth paying attention to the level without opponents. It is not something unnecessary, and without it all the charm would have disappeared. The roofs of the city and the streets look gloomy as much as the plot requires. And the territories are endowed with interesting details that can be overlooked in a hurry to the finish line.


The storyline continues the first part, familiarization with which takes place in comics mode, you just have to dig into the menu. We enter Max’s life seven years after the last adventure, and in the course of the current trial we attack the trail of a group of cleaners and at the same time we encounter Monu Saks – a beauty and a killer in one person. This meeting in Max Payne 2 will entail many events, download via torrent if you want to know what will happen next. We know love, deceit, awareness of the death of people close to us and the most ordinary revenge, for all this there is a place in the game.

With the exception of a small part of the clips on the engine, the main part will be shown to us in the form of comics. Sometimes it seems that they are not washed out intentionally, but by real rain, which follows our hero backward, and these are the tears of a dead beloved and people who did not survive the meeting with him.

Game process

The gameplay of Max Payne 2 is still the same, an action movie in the best traditions of Hollywood. The illustrious “bullet time” has been upgraded and now we can increase the time of its use with the deaths of rivals, when reloading weapons in this mode, Max makes an expressive circle around its axis, and at the same time dodges projectiles flying into it. Moreover, a special button is responsible for jumping, and the slowdown happens by itself, you don’t even have to waste energy. After a somersault in the air, the character lands and then shoots while lying down until it destroys the opponent. But that is not all. Now we can aim from the first person from a rifle with optics.

Game features

In Max Payne 2, the system of vision of hand-to-hand combat of edged weapons has been converted, download via torrent, if you are interested. Now it does not require a blanket switch, and a separate button is responsible for the melee and throwing grenades. That, in addition to a huge amount of ammunition and a chic sports uniform, helps to effectively and correctly use weapons. Another innovation was the emergence of another hero. Of course, Monu is not very different from the hero in management, but still it is quite entertaining. To our joy or sorrow, these inserts are not very long.

Difficulty levels, as before, appear after passing the game. But here we are waiting for pleasant surprises. First of all, what will happen in the end depends on the complexity. Already after the first passage, apart from complication, modes appear that should be completed for a while or just survive at all costs. The musical arrangement, in no way inferior to the first part, amazingly sets off the pumped-up atmosphere. This game will forever remain a classic. But not forgotten forever, but one that is pleasant to put on the shelf or re-pass.

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