Max Payne 1

System requirements Max Payne 1:

OS: Windows 2000 or later
Processor: 450 MHz AMD / Intel
Video Card: 16 MB compatible with Direct3D
DirectX Version: DirectX 8.0
Disk Space: 2 GB


Max Payne 1

Heartbreaking stories in a computer game can sometimes be masterpieces and in most cases gain immortal fame. Today we want to give you the opportunity to download Max Payne 1 – a game that was released quite a while ago, but at the same time is still perfect and makes the hearts of many players tremble. The game project has a third-person action genre with a quality story about an agent named Max Payne, who became a victim of the underworld, lost his entire family and everything sacred. Now they are driven by revenge, which will never be satisfied. And it is with this attitude that he is ready to meet his enemies, whose life is already expiring in the next game hours.

More about the game

The history of the game Max Payne 1 is presented in a rather gloomy surroundings, which is supported by a comic book narrative. Now such a format may seem outdated, but its style in the best traditions of Sin City can captivate for a long time, distracting the attention of players from graphics and minor flaws. In history, there was a place for betrayal, new love, emotional experience and anger, which is enveloped in the main character. Now he has nothing to lose and the whole world is opposing him, so he does not limit himself and is ready to fight to the last breath.

Game features

The main goal of the game Max Payne 1 is to clear locations from enemies. There will be many of them. therefore, fingers should be prepared for active shooting, killing and evasion. There will be many weapons, but the most important feature is the ability to jump and slow down time for a short period of time. At first, it might seem that such a mechanic does not save, but if you use it deftly and directionally, you can immediately destroy a detachment of enemies in one jump.

Now your soul will merge with the soul of Max Payne – a man who went against the whole world, could survive and despite the mental pain, was ready to continue to fight. Help to achieve revenge and do not let him perish, as this will be for him a real salvation, for his fogged mind. Good luck!

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