Mass Effect 2

System requirements Mass Effect 2:

OS Windows: XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz;
RAM: 1 GB for XP / 2 GB for Vista / Win 7
Video card: 256 MB of video memory with support for Pixel Shader 3.0 technology;
Hard disk space: 15 GB


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Mass Effect 2

Not only movies can boast of high-budget space epics, in the world of computer games is a series of adventures of Captain Shepard. They continue, along with the release of Mass Effect 2. At the end of the last part, the main character was never believed that the ancient race of Reapers woke up and was preparing to destroy all living planets in the galaxy.

To do this, they use special mechanisms that suck energy from the nuclei. But John is confident in his statements, but when performing one of the missions, his ship Normandy is under attack, which is why most of the crew is killed. The protagonist is Cerberus. This suspicious person believes the main character and is ready to sponsor an expedition to research this issue, if he promises to share all the information and perform some tasks for him.

Shepard has no other choice, because he owes his life to Cerberus, and the old ship has been destroyed. Stepping aboard the new Normandy, in Mass Effect 2, the hero continues to travel through space, hoping to find the rest of the team, to recruit new fighters. The reapers are gathering strength, and John feels it, so he is trying with all his strength to prove to the galactic council that this is not a joke and it will be possible to destroy the ancient enemy only by meeting all races and delivering a devastating blow to the enemy fortification, hidden in one of the asteroids.

The computer game Mass Effect 2 continues the best series of modern RPGs. Indeed, as promised by the developers from the Bioware studio, the preservation that you have left after passing through the previous part can be freely used in the second, this will allow to continue exactly the story that developed as a result of the decisions that were used by you.

The adventures of Captain John Shepard continue. In the vastness of space there are enough tasks, especially for the Spectrum. The problem is that even after the attack on the Citadel, the galactic council still does not believe in the existence of the Reapers. According to them, they have long disappeared as a species and no longer pose a danger to the universe. But the main character is sure of the opposite.

This is confirmed by the fact that his ship is attacked with the bombing of the ship. But the protagonist manages to be saved, thanks to the forces of Cerberus, who arrived at the right moment. To repay for salvation, the main character agrees to perform several tasks for them, in return for which he will receive a new ship and crew. Therefore, the exchange looks quite profitable. Time to go back through the universe.

Also, like the first part, this one has thousands of lines of dialogue of incredible interest. Because of the replicas that you choose in the PC version, the further fate of the characters will depend. Your attention is invited to new weapons, which acquired the main character, thanks to the black market, which has Cerberus.



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