MASS Builder

System requirements M.A.S.S. Builder

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or better / AMD Phenom II X3 or better
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or better / AMD Radeon RX 560 or better
Disk Space: 3 GB


MASS Builder

Here is a fascinating roleplayer called MASS Builder In it, players pilot M.A.S.S. (Mechanical Assault Skeleton Suit) in the status of the head of a military company that is trying to provide all possible assistance in the fight against the threat of Quarks. To complete the mission to save this world will have to do creation, settings and battles. Enjoy the gameplay, create new mechanical suits, customize them for the perfect execution of functions. If you are interested in this project, then we recommend that you go to our website and download the M.A.S.S. torrent there. Builder

More about the game M.A.S.S. Builder

You will go to a future in which people live in a world full of harmony and prosperity. The development of technology is in full swing, however, it is happening outside of time and space. And everything would be fine if there weren’t a sudden threat — creepy and unknown creatures from the void. At the moment, there is no longer much of humanity. The struggle for survival swept the whole world, now on the map you can find only war zones.

People had to gather in specially designated shelters, and scientists began to develop military technologies. A feature of this game project will be the presence of a system of deep settings, which gives clear differences between status equipment and pure aesthetics. You are free to change the settings as you wish and taste preferences.

Game features

Set up M.A.S.S. Builder of his own free will and style, do not worry about equipment that looks pretty cool, but has low statistics.
You’ll have to move around the field very quickly, along with the boosters, so that in case of an attack you can quickly use them to attack opponents.
You will fight with a race of monsters from another planet who call themselves Quarks. They are large and will constantly hunt for you.
Choose your suitable weapon. You can mix and match details for a more effective result.
This world will completely swallow you with its atmosphere and dynamics of adventure.

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