MarZ: Tactical Base Defense

System Requirements MarZ: Tactical Base Defense

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
Video card: DirectX 10 compliant memory card (DirectX: Version 10)
Sound Card: DirectX® compatible sound device
Hard disk space: 2.11 GB

Interface Language: English
Voice Language: English
Subtitles: English



MarZ: Tactical Base Defense

This time we want to introduce you to the game representative of the strategy genre called MarZ Tactical Base Defense. Here, the developers offer you to go to Mars in order to save the planet from the supporters of the enemy force. Take personal control of your own army, and also do not forget to improve the bases so that it is always protected from attacks from opponents.


In MarZ Tactical Base Defense you have to build a base and prepare the defense in order to fight off the hordes of Martian undead and to provide the Red Planet with a good, dignified future. In the game you need to carefully and properly allocate limited resources and personnel, while trying to uncover the mystery of local slaughter. First of all, what you should do on arrival on Mars is to organize the defense of the new frontiers as quickly as possible. An entire crew of the lander awaits your orders. Use it to destroy single enemies or take positions in turrets and buildings. The enemy will push from all sides: only your tactical genius can decide the outcome of events. With all the other features of the gameplay, you can find out after you decide MarZ: Tactical Base Defense download the torrent on our website web resources.


In order to organize a decent line of defense, you need to deploy a power grid and organize the extraction of useful resources.
In your arsenal will be a huge number of different types of weapons and perks, each of which is able to influence what is happening on the battlefield. By the way, in the technical center and at the weapons factory you have the opportunity to explore new types of turrets, and if you live a long time, then super-weapon.
MarZ Tactical Base Defense does not end after passing the storyline campaign. Especially for you, the developers have prepared the mode “Fight”, where you can test your commander skills in extreme conditions – both on the plot and on custom maps.
The game also has a map editor, a tool with an intuitive and good interface that allows gamers to create unique maps and share them with other users. Which in turn brings a lot of possibilities to the project.



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