Martian Potato

System requirements Martian Potato:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 820m or better
Disk Space: 6 GB



Martian Potato

If you love farming, today we are ready to offer you the adventure of Martian Potato, where you will become a brave discoverer on the planet Mars. As you might have guessed, you have to organize a spacious farm on this planet that will not only thrive, but will certainly not let you down in terms of harvest. Therefore, you have to make a lot of efforts and try to achieve a favorable result. Do not think that building a farm on a distant planet is as simple as on Earth. After all, you have to get used to the environment and take into account all the features, what to speak of pests, in the role of which alien creatures will act.

More about the game

And if you thought that it would be possible to protect the crop using conventional means, then you should not rush to conclusions, since the conversation will be short with pests. You will need to use magic, try to fight them in close combat, and even use traps. You have no idea how dangerous these creatures are. Therefore, we recommend that you do not lose time and quickly download Martian Potato via torrent to PC for free. After that, you can fully engage in the farm and achieve a good result. It is enough just to be an attentive player and do not forget to experiment with your abilities.

Unpredictable events

Another interesting point of this adventure is that the game will always have something to do. You have to show skill, try to evaluate all your capabilities and gradually move towards a favorable result. In one game, you will calmly develop, and no one will bother you, in the other you have to actively fight dangerous forwards. In any case, you have to take into account various details and try to actively move towards good prosperity. And to start taking the first steps, all you have to do is download the torrent Martian Potato on your PC.

Game features

Now you just have to collect your thoughts and try to build a good farm. Remember that the game will not be designed for earnings, but for survival, which will sometimes be on the verge and unpredictable. Remember that your every action, decision and invested resource, everything will be reflected in your future gameplay. And we just wish you good luck, good mood and simply success. You will surely succeed, and you will be able to settle on Mars.

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