System requirements Mario

OS: Windows
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 380X (4 GB VRAM), DirectX 12



The cult game, on which more than one generation of gamers has grown, is now presented on our website. I think many have guessed which game will be discussed. Yes, this is the famous Mario. Perhaps the most popular game in the world, which even got into the Guinness Book of Records. In this version, elements from Super Mario Bros 3 and World are connected, you can still find a little from Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and the classic Mario Bros .. There are single and corporate modes that allow you to play either alone or with friends (which is much more interesting) . Are you ready to plunge into the atmosphere of the most popular game again? Then go to our game portal to download the torrent Mario. Start your adventure now!

More about the game

The presented platform project, which is simply amazing, combines plots, heroes and some elements of the classic Super Mario Bros. The mechanics are still “revolutionary”, but this gives a special atmosphere. Through the use of the classic Portal, the player can control the game through all levels of the base story. There is a small addition: you can use the so-called “portal gun” during the game, which will create a portal at any level. Such portals help the player cope with the enemy (you can simply drop it from the level) or go forward in the game. In a word, this will be your trump card. All laws of physics are strictly kept.

Game process:

During the game you will see the coins placed. They must be collected. This is one of the tasks for you. They will bring you additional bonuses that you will need during the further passage of the game. Remember this nuance. When will you play. You can download torrent Mario on our website for free. If you are ready to begin to realize your goal, then proceed. Your opponents will not have a single chance. Lead your hero to victory and as soon as possible.

A bit of history

The character Mario first appeared in this game back in 1981. Then the game was created for the Donkey Kong slot machine and there the main character was the little man Jumpman (born Jumpman). He was a carpenter, but then, when the game began to modernize and received several projects in the sequel, then some things changed a little. A series of game projects created by Nintendo and Rare Ltd launched the plumber Mario, who became the main character. The game became known as Mario Bros., it was released in 1983, and was also produced for slot machines.


Before starting in this game, you can set the options you need in the settings. Here you can vary everything. For example, winking Team Fortress 2, you will get the opportunity to try on any of the hats on Mario (and there are more than 30 of them available). You can also edit the style and clothing of the character, as well as the generated portals. It is very convenient to play for such a character in multiplayer mode. Here the game allows you to launch portals (up to four Mario at a time). In addition to the presence of several modes and a large number of levels of varying complexity, the developers have also added an option that allows you to edit levels. You can create your own level at will, this will add intrigue to the game. Play by your own rules or at the levels proposed by the creators – the choice is yours.


This game is a vivid example of a brilliant game project with a wonderful platformer. An opportunity to play with friends looks much more interesting. In addition, it takes up very little space. You will get a lot of pleasure from the game and have a great time. Therefore, rather start the project and go to victory.

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