Maid Cafe

System requirements Maid Cafe

OS: Windows
Processor: 1.66 Ghz
Video Card: 1920×1080
Disk Space: 1 GB
Gamepad Support: Partial


Maid Cafe

The genre of visual short stories constantly pleases gamers with amazing style and original theme. We draw your attention to the ability to download the torrent Maid Cafe on our gaming portal. You will find a fascinating adventure in which you play as an ordinary guy. He gets the position of manager in one of the cafes. The fact is that he was looking for work for quite a long time and now a great responsibility lies with him.

More about the game

The situation in the game Maid Cafe is complicated by the fact that the cafe is now turning into a rather strange place. Here you will meet your acquaintances or ex-girls as waitresses. So you have to gather all your will into a fist in order to resist their charm. This is one of the characteristic features of visual short stories when the game features a lot of romantic lines.

Secret wishes

First of all, in the game Maid Cafe it is worth noting a carefully designed storyline, which will contain surprises, unexpected plot twists, and the ability to bring the situation to the content. However, in order to open the way to such intimate situations, you must follow all the events that occur in the game. You must also make the right decisions, because they will be the key to your success in this virtual entertainment. Remember that in addition to everything, you still have to deal with the problems of your cafe, because these love relationships are great distractions from pressing problems. And yet, how will you respond to the fact that your employees will begin to flirt with clients in order to cause your jealousy?

Well, now you need to find more free time to immerse yourself in this virtual entertainment Maid Cafe. This is a feature of visual short stories – originality of the idea and location. Each story told will be completely unique and with its own characteristics. As it usually happens, the game has a lot of female characters who do everything possible to make you pay attention to them. How to react to all this, you decide yourself. We can only wish you to get a lot of pleasure from passing the game!

Game features

combination of manager and romance;
attractive girls;
non-standard intimate situations;
ability to manage dialogue;
romance with any of the girls.

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