Mafia The City of Lost Heaven

System requirements Mafia The City of Lost Heaven

OS Windows: XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium III or AMD K7 500 MHz
RAM: 512 MB (XP) / 1 GB (Vista / 7)
Video card: 16 MB


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Mafia The City of Lost Heaven

Take-Two Interactive is the best copy of GTA – Mafia The City of Lost Heaven. The plot is striking scale and forethought. Tommy Angelo is a taxi driver in the courtyard of the thirties of the twentieth century, which means the mafia is flourishing on the streets of America. Standing on the side of the track, two gangsters rush into the car of the main character, Paul and Sam. He still does not suspect that this event will affect his entire future life. Unwanted passengers are asked to take their wounded friend to the hospital, otherwise they will kill Tommy.

There is no choice. After fulfilling the request, they thank the hero and offer him to become part of a criminal family. Tired of the simple life that has long ceased to bring joy, a simple taxi driver decides to accept the invitation. But the way of the mafia is not simple, first you need to establish yourself as a person you can trust. Will have to start with the dirty work, gradually finished off a strong position in the family of Don Salieri.

But after joining the ranks of criminals, Tommy realizes that what they call a “family” has nothing to do with her. There is no concept of mutual understanding and revenue, these people are driven by profit, no more. But to get out of the circle is not easy, because it automatically signs the hero to death. In Mafia: the city of fallen angels, you must kill the heads of the mafia before they understand about your treason. The PC version has high resolution textures, which makes it look great even now.

The computer game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven introduced such a notion as an expensive production at the level of Hollywood into the gaming industry, because no part of the Grand Theft Auto series compares to the local storyline, although it took this franchise as a basis.

You are introduced to the main character of the local adventure – Tommy Angelo. He is an ordinary guy who lives the most ordinary life, because of what, he is often visited by thoughts about how much he plunged into the routine and no way out of it, he no longer sees. But fate itself throws a decision to him, because one day when he goes to work as a taxi driver, two representatives of the local mafia flies into his car, who say that if he doesn’t take them to the indicated place in an instant, then they a friend will die from blood loss, and the brains of the protagonist will scatter across the windshield. Then Tommy, without thinking, sends the men where they need to, for their cooperation, they say they will not mind if he becomes part of a criminal family. After that, the life of the main character is more like some kind of adventure film, to which he is only happy, but as it turns out, this will not last long.

You have the opportunity to stroll through the City of Fallen Angels. It is almost an exact replica of real Los Angeles and was used by developers as decorations for missions that will be performed by a player in the Mafia: City of Lost Haven.



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