Mafia Definitive Edition

System requirements Mafia Definitive Edition

Operating System: Win 7 64
Processor: Intel Core i3-560 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805
HDD: 40 GB hard drive
Video card: AMD Radeon R7 360X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti


Mafia Definitive Edition

At 2K, for a long time the interest of the players was warmed up for a new project. At first, small posts with hints appeared on Twitter, after which the first teaser was released, and then they published quite a lot of information about the upcoming game Mafia Definitive Edition. But it so happened that the information got to the Internet much earlier, and now everyone knows that in the near future an amazing remake of the first part of the cult project The City of Lost Heaven Mafia will be presented.

More about the game

You were not mistaken, this is the same game project that has now received a powerful update with improved graphic design and gameplay. The authors of the project like this took it and re-developed everything so that every gamer could touch the legendary part of the entire trilogy. Yes, it is worth mentioning that it will be the most successful and successful copy of the GTA-series, which received incredible popularity.

The beginning of a cult story

It should be noted right away that we have been steadily preparing for this and now you have the opportunity to download the Mafia Definitive Edition torrent on our games portal for free. Every fan of virtual travel should get this game into the collection, because it is really considered a cult game and even after so many years it still excites players.

The main character

So, in the game Mafia Definitive Edition you have to play for Tommy Angelo. He is the most ordinary worker who still has a part-time job by taxi. But it so happened that he became an involuntary witness to a strange phenomenon and now must become a member of the local mafia group. Yes, such an act should now receive a lot of criticism, but when you are just a poor taxi driver, you will not be scattered with such gifts of fate. He becomes a member of the gangs and performs all the tasks, even the most complex and dangerous.

Interesting story

The game will have a lot of shooting and harassment, as well as a very sensual story about how hard it is to bear the burden of a member of the mafia. It all lies in the fact that the whirlpool of events is very addictive, and you can not always have time to realize what is happening. And you will not get support here from anyone. After all, every second may turn out to be a traitor, it is easy to turn you over to a police officer or shoot you in the back. But do not despair so much, because true friendship, real fraternization, can manifest itself even through such disgrace. Therefore, you will be very pleased to study this world, enjoy a beautifully written storyline and a high level of technical design. You can right now go to our Internet resource and download the torrent Mafia Definitive Edition there for free.

Game features

You will get the opportunity to visit the role of a character from films about the mafia, to learn all the features of this lifestyle, all the difficulties and a huge reward. Regarding gaming events. Then everything will unfold on the territory of America during the operation of the Prohibition.
All city locations are carefully registered, with a huge amount of details that were taken from a real metropolis. This prototype was a 1930 city called Lost Haven, Illinois.
The creators have worked hard for the complete processing of the game and now you get a really high-quality game project. But the musical accompaniment and the gaming atmosphere remained untouched.
You will travel through a vast territory of 16 thousand square kilometers.
You will also have to carry out various tasks, where there will be chases, and shooting, and robberies, and custom-made murders, and even romantic evenings. It is on how well the task will be completed and the size of the reward and your name depend.
In this city there are several dozen zones with full interactive. There you will not have any restrictions in actions. Also, detailing, original game atmosphere, style and all the features from the 30s of the last century will delight.
The storyline contains all the real events of those times, but reality and fiction are very closely intertwined here. Everything that happens in the game will be as realistic as possible and will affect some historical aspects.
You have more than 60 unique vehicles in your fleet, each of which has been redesigned and looks simply incredible. Fans of retro style will be especially pleased.
The creators also took care of high-quality weapons, where you can find machine guns, revolvers, shotguns and much more. All weapons will be executed according to the time frame of the game, so the most powerful options from your arsenal will be the Thompson submachine gun and the Magnum revolver.

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