Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventures

System requirements Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventures

OS Windows: XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core
Video card: GeForce 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon HD 3870
Hard disk space: 3.5 GB


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Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventures

Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventures is a plot addition to the computer game Mafia 2. It was developed by the same studio, and 1C was added to support Russian localization.

Events take place during the end of the Second World War, so for all the mafia this was the most successful period of activity. In this free add-on there is a completely new storyline, periodically referencing and closing the holes of the Mafia 2 narrative. Here we are talking about Joe, who, having failed to help a friend who had lost his fueling ticket thefts, was forced to leave the city for half a decade. Returning, he did not recognize the city, the latter has changed beyond recognition.

Unfortunately, no special continuation or addition to the original storyline is foreseen, most of the tasks have a recurring character, such as car theft, the elimination of a gang member, or simply surveillance. There are several missions that complement the original story and have many interesting clips telling about the life of the hero. But they are pleased to travel through the previously unknown nooks and crannies of the city.

In addition, the level of difficulty has also been increased, now the police with their Thompsons can very quickly create problems during the passage, and there are no places to save as such. In addition, the cops have become much smarter, now with a large level of search, they arrange real, thoughtful ambushes, so now there is a greater sense of hiding and changing the appearance in order to get rid of sticking pursuers.

Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventures is an addition to a computer game that continues the original story and lets you know what happened to the main characters after the original story ended.

The story takes its place after Vito Scaletto is found by law enforcement agencies and rushing into his apartment, they take him to the conclusion of the local court. However, his faithful friend Joe is watching this from his window. It is from his face that all further events will develop, therefore it should be understood that this is a somewhat different story than that to which you could get used in the second part. Not wanting to sit back, the protagonist decided to take the trail of traitors who surrendered his comrade and immediately goes on fresh evidence. They lead him to several guys representing a mafia in the territory of the city of Lost Haven.

A feature of the gameplay in addition, is that now in addition to killing opponents, you can have a dialogue with them, the result of which is interrogation. Only with the help of it, you can take full advantage of the new main character. He also copes well with shooting, which helps get rid of detractors in a matter of seconds. Also, you often have to resort to using various shelters that are scattered around the area, but do not forget that your main task is to attack the trail of traitors, so you should immediately take up the investigation while the enemy’s trail has not yet caught a cold.



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