Mad Wild Fairy Tale


System requirements Mad Wild Fairy Tale:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i7 4790K
Video card: GeForce GTX980
Disk space: 20 GB

Mad Wild Fairy Tale

Mad Wild Fairy Tale is an incredible survival strategy RPG set in an amazing dark fantasy universe.

Protect the king from death

Players will have to control the king of the undead and take control of the domain, protecting it from various threats. Exterminating evil monsters, you can get unique items that allow you to protect the main character and eliminate the strongest enemies. Hurry, follow the link to download the game torrent on your pc and evaluate this strategy.

Unique gameplay

Almost all levels are endowed with passive skills that affect units, characters and abilities. Every second level, you can select a passive skill. Also, the game contains various quests, scrolls of traps, tower plans and various kinds of potions. The gameplay represents the protection of your forest (the main building – the heart of the forest) in different variations. The world itself is a small square location on which animals randomly run and all kinds of flora grows (it changes as the waves pass in combat mode). You can walk from edge to edge in a minute or two.

Main features of the game

The presence of armor, boots, gloves, pants, weapons and a helmet that change the appearance of the characters.
Management, destruction and leveling up.
Ability to summon floors, fences, buildings, pillars, towers and other necessary items.
Lots of hidden mechanics.
Using trees as a wiki.
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