System requirements Machizzle

OS: Windows 10 64bit
Processor: Intel i3-6100
Video card: GTX970



If you thought that magicians cannot entertain themselves, then you simply did not see exactly how they use their capabilities. For example, in the game Machizzle you have to analyze the situation and try to make the right decisions in order to overcome various challenges. You have to carefully examine a small magic table on which the ball will spin. True, no matter what the test is, it will not be completed, since there will be a variety of missing details on the path of the ball. Therefore, in order to get to the very end, you have to go on this adventure and try to achieve success.

More about the game

To achieve a favorable result, you have to skillfully manipulate the details and try to connect the shelters together in any way so that the ball, based on physics, can reach the final stage itself. At first, this will be easy and simple to do, but the subsequent stages will require special attention and ability to manage a limited amount of resources. Therefore, you should not waste time and just start acting, and for the first steps you only need to download Machizzle via torrent on your PC for free. Don’t waste your time and just take action.

Virtual immersion

Another interesting improvement to this adventure is that you can now fully immerse yourself in this challenge and try to achieve the desired result. And all this will take place in full virtual reality, because the game is designed exclusively for the use of virtual reality glasses. You can fully experience the atmosphere of the magic academy and feel like a wizard.


Try to use all your possibilities correctly and strive for the best result, which will surely please you. But first you need to download the Machizzle torrent on your PC and after that all activities will be available to you. Magic spells and trials have always attracted a lot of attention and could become the basis for new adventures. We recommend that you be careful and try to experiment, it remains only to use all your capabilities correctly and simply achieve success.

Game features

Plenty of room for the wizard and the lover of elemental effects.
Over 70 levels are available for passing.
Full immersion in VR reality with a pleasant atmosphere and complete freedom of interaction with the environment.

On this page you can download the game Machizzle torrent free on a PC.



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