System requirements MAAA

OS: Windows 7+
Video Card: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant




A game project called MAAA is more reminiscent of styling for South Korea, because the rules here almost literally repeat the legendary card game Mafia. The creators of the game themselves have made the gameplay more diverse: now you have to not only get out the role cards from the deck, but also control the situation in a big metropolis. And in it lately strange things began to happen more and more often. Test your intuitive and logical abilities! Solve who is who in the city, find the formidable leader of the mafia.

More about the game

Before you start the MAAA game, you will need to make a separation of the teams. There are 4 types of players: policeman, doctor, mafia and ordinary citizen. Each of them has its own playing role and must fulfill its obligations. No one knows who belongs to which group, so actions take place at random. In the daytime, team members discuss what happened at night, analyze the actions and behaviors of each group. And in the end, they decide to disclose the role in the new round.

As soon as the night covers the city, the mafia wakes up and begins its vicious activity, the policeman must follow the criminals and do everything possible to capture them. If possible, ordinary citizens help in the investigation, and the doctor directly deals with the treatment of the victims. If you played the real Mafia at least once, you should definitely download the MAAA torrent on our games portal. Moreover, the gameplay has become much more convenient.


So, before you is a city in which all the mafiosi took their hands. If you fulfill their role, you will need to eliminate at least half of all players playing against you. The police team is required to neutralize the mafia. You need to carefully monitor what is happening in the city and figure out how to complete the task and not expose yourself. Many actions in the MAAA game are performed simply by pressing a few buttons, so the dynamics of the game in its standard format are not here. But by the middle of the game the passions begin to boil, players carefully monitor the slightest rustle on the map and do everything to make the right decision

Game Features:

the features of the familiar Mafia remained untouched;
3D graphic design
many locations for the game;
intrigue to the last;
stylization under the culture of South Korea.

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