Lying on the Couch Simulator


System requirements Lying on the Couch Simulator

Operating system: Win 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64Bit)
Processor: i7
HDD: 1 GB hard disk space
Video card: GTX 660
DirectX Version: 12
As well as: Keyboard, mouse

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Lying on the Couch Simulator

Let’s translate the name of this game so that everything becomes clear at once – “Simulator of lying on the couch.” Although no, it only confuses: how can such a process turn into a game ?! But somehow it can. It is difficult to explain in words, it is better to download the torrent Lying on the Couch Simulator. You will love this game.


To make it as interesting as possible to lie on the virtual sofa, there are three modes. The first one is very simple: lie under the lounge music and save up relaxation glasses. The second is similar, but you need to do it together. The third is frightening: survival … The bottom line: a person just lay down, and then this, then this, then this happens! So all the same, you can’t do without action. It is not known about the support for any virtual reality headset, but the creator has a desire for Oculus VR or Sony to send their devices.

Game features

– Relax – you just have to lie to the relaxing music, thereby earning relaxation points. To diversify such a dynamic gameplay, the developers make it possible to switch tracks, turn on or off the lights, etc .;
– Survival – as soon as you lie down, all the troubles of the world fall on your lazy body;
Cooperative – join forces in such an important matter with a friend or girlfriend, watching TV, movies or listening to music;
– Multiplayer offers to compete in lying with other players around the world. It looks like this is the game where there is every chance of winning!

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