System requirements LowPolis

RAM: 4096 MB RAM
Disk space: 500 MB



LowPolis is a city building simulator with simple graphics and ample opportunities for development. You will start the gameplay with a handful of useful resources, multiplying and multiplying which, you can become the sole ruler of a majestic kingdom. Take care of the prosperity and safety of your own citizens. The plot begins with a slight graying. It will require food, water and fuel to develop.

More about the game

Patience and work will allow you to expand the village lost in the mountains into a full-fledged city, which can then become the capital of your state. However, be careful in your decisions, because the path to greatness is thorny and yesterday’s minions can overthrow the throne for the slightest mistake.

Don’t forget about landscaping. Farms, defenses, numerous shops and shops come into play only when your state begins to flourish. Practice shows that diplomacy and civilization can achieve more than banal force and weapons.

Features of the game

The development of your city is largely driven by current social and economic problems. So, for example, to protect yourself from an accidental fire, build a fire tower, and hospitals will allow you to minimize the effects of the plague.

As the developers promise, they plan to regularly add new content to the project: procedurally generated maps, resources and capabilities. It is also planned to integrate combat mode with city planning in the future.

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