Lorn’s Lure


System requirements Lorn’s Lure:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: any
Video card: any
Disk space: 500 MB


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Lorn’s Lure

This game is an atmospheric first-person narrative platformer. Its feature is the presence of retro style and 3D graphics with new mechanics. If you want to experience the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the game and try your strength and abilities, we advise you to download Lorn’s Lure on PC via torrent for free. The events take place in the middle of a huge, dangerous structure, on which one day our main character is an android. As he left his colony, he noticed a mysterious failure, after which he found himself in an unknown, strange place.

More about the game

Since the hero, alas, is not yet able to return home, you should try to find out all the details of what happened and find out why he decided to leave and where he is being led. This is a secret that you have to reveal in this game, following the events of the character. The user will be able to learn a lot for themselves, travel to mysterious places and make interesting discoveries. Will be able to overcome various obstacles by using simple tools for sliding, jumping, and climbing, such as a regular pickaxe. Any vertical wall is at your disposal, if you have this simple device.

Game features

There are plenty of difficulties in it, but it will not disappoint you, but on the contrary will make you want to solve its mysteries. It is possible to pass the levels quickly or choose a slow mode. The user will be able to admire the sights during the passage and also play it at the speed of a runner. You will be surprised by the combination of two styles, retro 90’s and modern. If you are a fan of parkour or crave complexity, no doubt you should download Lorn’s Lure on PC via torrent for free.

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