Lord of Dwarves

System requirements Lord of Dwarves:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2.0 Ghz Dual-Core
Video Card: OpenGL 3.0
Disk space: 700 MB



Lord of Dwarves

Computer game Lord of Dwarves – an unusual adventure. Gamers have to control the gnomes, help them survive, build villages and defend themselves from attacking monsters. Take time to collect resources, go in search of food sources. Remember to make weapons, build buildings, and defend yourself. A three-dimensional voxel world awaits you, with the ability to interact with any objects.

More about the game

We recommend downloading the torrent of Lord of Dwarves for several reasons. It is presented as a full story campaign, with a training mode. Also, users will no longer search for answers to their questions on Wikipedia, because during the game everything will be intuitive. Embark on an exciting adventure and get incredible pleasure from it.

Game features

The Lord of Dwarves game project provides for the existence of a sandbox mode, as well as the possibility of customization. You can change a lot at your discretion, for example, the landscape and its area, add highlands and gorges to make your game world unique. Also, the user himself can choose with what frequency the monsters will appear, what they will be, or completely disable this option, and give all the attention to the buildings. In addition, you can add some vivid climax, for example, the attack of monsters, the attack of the boss, or something else.

Lots of gameplay challenges

Engage in the construction of a tower designed for archers, the height of which will be at least 8 blocks. Think about its appearance and design features. Take the time to train the lumberjack squad, or put all your strength into the construction of a protective wall around the perimeter of the village to protect the territory from attack by wolves or other animals.

Monster Protection

To protect your territory from raids by goblins or monsters, erect walls. Teach archers to shoot quickly and accurately, and tell them that their target is orcs climbing walls. Make the most of your time as you repel the attacks of the attacking monsters, because they want to wipe your village from the face of the earth.

Customization of the world

A procedurally generated world awaits you, and you can customize it according to your desire and taste. All blocks, trees, buildings, easily collapse and are built again. To try yourself in this game project, you just need to download Lord of Dwarves via torrent free from our resource. You can build castles, caves, build entire villages – there are absolutely no restrictions on your actions.

On this page you can download the game Lord of Dwarves via torrent for free on PC.



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