Looking for Heals


System requirements Looking for Heals:

OS: Windows 7
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: DirectX 10
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 300 MB


Looking for Heals

Looking for Heals is a colorful 2D roguelike action game created by the Blue Bomber Games development team inspired by modern MMORPGs. The game will give fans of colorful pixel projects a lot of adventures and bright unforgettable minutes.

More about the game

Looking for Heals takes place in a fairytale world inhabited by a huge number of unique creatures. The player will become a member of a colorful team that will embark on a long and dangerous journey across vast locations. On the way, the heroes, each with unique skills, will face many dangers and enemies. But the victory over each opponent will bring experience and treasures that will help in development. The main thing is not to stop, fight every enemy on the way and boldly go to the very end!


Do you like 2D pixel games with an interesting storyline? Then you charmingly need to download Looking for Heals via torrent for free. But the user will have to play not for the leader and leader of the group, but for a modest healer who is responsible for the health of each member of the group. Moreover, the hero is able not only to restore life points, but also to share energy, charge positives with the help of auras and impose all kinds of buffs on the party members. And the higher the level of our assistant, the more various spells appear in his arsenal. So pump up the healer, and the group will thank you for your support and saving your life!

Features of the game

Vivid pixelated 2D graphics;
thoughtful fantasy world;
an exciting plot with a lot of interesting quests;
unique heroes endowed with a set of unique skills;
team battles with unusual and memorable opponents.

On this page you can download the game Looking for Heals torrent free on a PC.



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