Look Alive


System requirements Look Alive

OS: Windows 7 64 bit.
Processor: Dual Core Processor, 2.5 GHz or higher – SSE2 support.
Video card: DX10 compatible video card (Shader 4.0)
DirectX: Version 10.
Disk space: 2 GB.

Look Alive

This is an unusual survival simulator that invites you to go to the open spaces of the interactive world and try to do everything to survive the zombie apocalypse. You have to play for a person who miraculously escaped infection and is now forced to do everything to survive. Initially, you have to think about finding food and means of self-defense, and only then look for shelter and other items for full survival. But first of all, you will just need to download the Look Alive torrent on your PC, and only then think about your next steps. This interactive world is quite large and will make you have a good run.

Seeking Shelter Is the Basis of Survival

Regardless of how many weapons you find and how you defend yourself, the basis for survival will be a shelter. Why such conventions? It’s simple, because the game has a system of changing day and night. If during the day you can enjoy a free and calm adventure without any problems, then at night waves of dangerous enemies begin, which can sometimes reach countless numbers, which can cause big problems. Therefore, you should be prepared for such surprises and try to find shelter. Any free house that needs to be equipped, create traps and other fortifications can become such. Just do not expect that the chosen shelter will be permanent for you, as it will gradually be destroyed and the issues of transporting resources and further survival will have to be resolved.


Zombies are dangerous creatures that will follow you until they are killed or reach your flesh. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of them in any case. You just need to shoot accurately and act wisely so that you have enough resources, ammo and zombies could not surround you. And if you are ready for such adventures, then you just need to download Look Alive via torrent for free. After that, you will definitely not lose your dexterity and will be able to fulfill yourself.

Game features

Spacious world for careful exploration.
Constantly change shelters and extend your survival.
Large arsenal of weapons, traps and equipment.
High level of difficulty of confrontation.

On this page you can download the game Look Alive via torrent for free on a PC.



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