System requirements Littlewood:

OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 2.0 Ghz
Video Card: 256 MB
Disk Space: 1 GB



When the fairy-tale world expels the forces of darkness, it blooms just before our eyes, it becomes brighter, kinder and more colorful. In the game “Littlewood” you just get to know one such world – a small settlement defeated a dark wizard who wanted to wipe everything off the face of the earth, and residents need to think what to do next. The main character decided to create his own settlement, which in the future plans to develop to a whole amazing kingdom, but be prepared that this is difficult and not done in two days. Download “Littlewood” via torrent and help the hero create a new civilization.

More about the game

The head of the settlement has many responsibilities, including constant conversations with his residents and subordinates, the construction of houses, buildings, as well as the expansion of borders. First, you will have a small group of like-minded people who are ready to help you, but who are generally happy with their life. But not every one of them will agree to your conditions and will not require something special and hard to fulfill. For example, someone may want you to give him a house by the lake, and someone will be content with just a fence around their site. The third will ask for land for the garden, and you will need to persuade everyone to help, to establish good relations. Meet the needs of citizens, expand the territory of the kingdom and gain credibility. The better you relate to your subjects, the more famous you will become, and your settlement will quickly replenish with new residents in Littlewood.

Resource Collection and Other Responsibilities

Collect resources, master different skills that will help to create new things that can be profitably sold and replenish the treasury. At first you will perform small, light missions and tasks, but over time they will become more difficult, you will learn fishing, you can become a carpenter or a blacksmith. Attract new residents, give them tasks and enjoy the work. Earn the status of a king to solve global issues while other matters are decided by your subordinates.

Download “Littlewood” with a torrent and start building your kingdom. Engage in profitable, profitable business, resolve various issues and disagreements. Then you can become a good ruler, sitting on a throne in the famous kingdom. Do not forget to help residents, fulfill their desires and create good living conditions.

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