Little Terror

System requirements Little Terror:

OS: Windows 8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.3+ GHz
Video card: GeForce 470 / AMD Radeon 6870 HD / DX11
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 5 GB



Little Terror

The adventure genre is very popular in the gaming environment. However, not all gamers, even the most daring, dare to play interactive games with horror elements. Anything can happen here, you can be frightened by the game, you never know what to expect in the process. Today, your attention is the Little Terror game project, where you will have a non-standard character. You have to play for the baby.

More about the game

You will be in full control of his actions, complete missions and step by step move towards a favorable outcome. Regarding the storyline itself, the main goal here will be to search for relatives. They strangely disappeared from the house. It is necessary to explore different nuances, find clues that can indicate paranormal activity. Here, even an adult will not always be able to cope and fight them, but our character is not afraid of anything. He has to make many new and unpredictable discoveries for himself in this world.

Alone in the dark

During the game, you must remember who you play for, so get ready that no tasks can be completed easily and simply. For example, it will be difficult to reach certain places or objects, since you are a baby and still very small in stature. Hands cannot carry objects that are too heavy, and you will not be able to move around the room in the fastest way. This will lead to various problems. But the game does not lose its interest from this, and you can see for yourself. Just go to our game portal and download the Little Terror torrent there for free. Explore all locations and achieve a positive outcome.

Attention to details

All your attention in the game should be focused on the details, because it is in them – the answers to all questions. Each detail is rather unusual and curious, it contains a lot of valuable information and will give you the opportunity to know the background of what is happening. Yes, at first it will be very difficult for you to understand all the details of the presented game project, but we have no doubt that you can find the necessary base for a more thorough and detailed study. Only with the help of such details can you find out all the features of the story and find the culprit in the disappearance of your family. But before you begin to take any action, you need to go to our online resource and download the Little Terror torrent there for free.

Game features

The story here is not at all as simple as it might seem at first glance. It will take you some time to figure it out. Do not forget that your hero is still a very small child and it is unlikely that he will be able to fight the forces of darkness. Well, can you cope with the management for the baby and make every effort to overcome obstacles and achieve a victorious result? The situation in the game will be very difficult, sometimes you will think about how it will end soon. But remember that in no case should you abandon your character. After all, without you he will not be able to find his parents and will remain completely alone. Therefore, we can only wish you good luck in this difficult matter!

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