Little Diggel

System requirements Little Diggel

OS: Windows 8 or 10
Processor: Dual Core 2.5ghz
Video Card: Nvidia GT 710 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 1596 MB


Little Diggel

At all times, a chest of gold, treasures or precious stones has been a tasty booty. But in the game Little Diggel, these times are in the distant past. Now, with the help of special robots, the search for treasures and treasure has become a simple and commonplace. Robots seek treasures, and treasure hunters do not put their lives at risk. In the game Little Diggel, you will just have to control such a robot and help him search for a variety of treasures.

More about the game

Little Diggel is a two-dimensional arcade game with tactical elements. At your service are several modifications of robots – each of them has its own characteristics, energy supply and unique skills. Energy will have to be spent sparingly, since during operation you will not have the opportunity to replenish your supply. Download Little Diggel via torrent for free and use your robot’s skills wisely to find hidden treasures.

Game features

– Three robots, each of which has unique capabilities;
– Unusual gameplay and interesting plot;
– More than three dozen levels, each of which is simply stuffed with various traps, mines, caches and enemies;
– A wide selection of all kinds of weapons and equipment, which can be used not only to search for treasures, but also in order to deal with their enemies
– An opportunity to fulfill your dream and find a real treasure treasure

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