Lithium City

System requirements Lithium City:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 or better
Video Card: Dedicated Graphics Card with 2GB memory or better
Disk Space: 1 GB



Lithium City

For those who have long been eager to try on the role of a brave hero and check how good he is, we recommend that you turn your attention to one very interesting interactive project Lithium City. It presents all the variety of adventures, interesting details and features. For example, today you can visit the so-called Light City. Despite such a colorful name, it is very, very difficult to survive in this city due to the fact that crime is flourishing. You will have to make a lot of efforts and try to complete all the tasks so that the criminal groups stop their reign in this city. It is best to complete such missions, as they say, with a pistol and a kind word.

More about the game

Having started this adventure, you will not be able to turn back, moreover, you will have to act on your own. You will have to overcome a large number of obstacles, complete all tasks and achieve a positive outcome in each. Sometimes you will need to take a chance and fight with an enemy who bypasses you in quantity. It is necessary to act very clearly, because even a small trifle can negatively affect the final result. So, learn all your abilities, combine skills and remember the environment. If we talk about weapons, then you can absolutely safely use any option that you find in the process or select from the enemy. In a word, you will have a huge field for activity, now you just need to download the Lithium City torrent on our gaming site and start acting.

Tactics Above All

We think you have already figured out that the most appropriate decision in this adventure would be to establish tactical control. At first, the location will be visible to you, and you will be able to plan your future actions in advance. Then you must act on a strictly conceived plan. Yes, you can improvise, but it will be a big risk and jeopardize your whole idea. But you have the opportunity to pass the level again if the first time you did not succeed. So you can set a new record or just complete a level. However, before that you need to follow the specified link to our game portal to download Lithium City torrent for free.

You can give this city hope for a brighter future and breathe free from crime. Of course, it is impossible to get everything right away, but your faith and self-confidence will help you get rid of all the criminal elements. However, you should not relax too much, because some opponents will be very powerful, and the leaders of criminal groups can even wreak havoc in a matter of moments. We want to wish you a great time and success in this endeavor!

Game features

the ability to use different weapons that you can find at the level;
interactive environment will expand your perception to achieve a positive outcome of the game;
non-standard visualization will give you a lot of positive impressions.

On this page you can download the game Lithium City torrent free on PC.



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