Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance


System requirements Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance

Processor: Intel Dual Core or AMD Phenom X3 or higher
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX + | AMD Radeon HD 4850 | INTEL HD Graphics 5000


Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance

Although the RPG game Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance has yet to come out, it has a long history. Development started in early 2008. Of course, the South Korean company NCSoft is engaged in the project. The creators decided to make this part a continuation of Lineage I, a game that was released back in 1998. However, one cannot say what exactly the next story is about. True, it will transfer it 200 years ahead. Recall that Lineage II is a prequel, its events take place 150 years earlier than those described in the first part.

More about the game

Despite the fact that the game is shrouded in mystery, it is known that NCSoft decided to use its own graphics engine, not Unreal. In terms of style, the novelty is close to Diablo 3, but we can assume that the process will be faster. It is noteworthy that in order to destroy enemies and other matters, the player will have to master mouse gestures. A parallel should be drawn here with Black & White, Arx Fatalis.

Features of the game

Needless to say, the game characters are divided into classes? So far, it is known that the player will be able to take control of a warrior (lover of heavy weapons), a magician (connoisseur of … magic, of course!), An elemental archer (expert in light long-range weapons and spells that summon spirits). War is their main purpose. But trade and diplomacy also make up the lives of heroes.

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