Lilith Odyssey


System requirements Lilith Odyssey

OS: Windows 7 (SP1 +) and Windows 10
Processor: ~ 3.5 GHz with x86, x64 architecture and SSE2 instruction set support.
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Grafik: DX11 and (shader model 4.0) capabilities, e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti.
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 1500 MB


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Lilith Odyssey

War every now and then devastates everything around, this also applies to space, which has just begun to recover from space confrontation. True, the post-war period can hardly be called pleasant, since the corporation that has seized the planets begins to use them at its discretion, not particularly worrying about who lives there and how it will harm the planet. In the game Lilith Odyssey you have to play as an alien who decided to save his family from post-war enslavement and intends to go on a long journey through space. Why is he doing this? It’s simple, everyone who decided to disobey the corporation is necessarily persecuted, so you should be prepared for a variety of unexpected events.

More about the game

The main activity of the adventure will be orientation to various planets, which will allow you to achieve a favorable result without any problems. You have to carefully research each of them, collect resources or useful items, try to use your technologies effectively and try by any means to find a way and opportunities for further survival. It sounds simple, but in fact you will get lost in the environment and even doubt that there is any way to escape from all this. Nevertheless, everyone has a chance, so you just have to take control and download Lilith Odyssey via torrent on PC for free.

Collecting useful items

Another interesting opportunity is collecting useful items, which will allow you to increase your chances of winning without any problems. Initially, you will be traveling in a simple ship that has nothing unusual. But gradually you will find a variety of useful items that allow you to modify the ship, equipment and other similar elements. Only it is worthwhile to understand that not all items will be compatible with each other, so you should approach the choice and make sure that they complement each other. And for this, you should initially take the chance to download the Lilith Odyssey torrent on your PC and hit the road.

If you actively use any available opportunities and monitor your environment, the result will not be long in coming. Take your chance and escape the corporation.

Game features

A great opportunity to go on a journey through the vastness of space and discover many new civilizations.
A unique system of collecting items and searching for artifacts, which will open up a lot of room for self-improvement.
The constant pursuit will add some excitement and adrenaline to your adventure.
Remember, the fate of your family depends on your actions, there should be no mistakes.

On this page you can download the game Lilith Odyssey torrent free on a PC.



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