Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13

System requirements Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2400+
Video card: GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon X1300
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free disk space: 38 GB


Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13

The game with an interesting and fascinating story is called “Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13” and was created in Japan by Square Enix. The characters of the game have to save the world from the terrible threat of extinction, and they have thirteen days to do this. The main difference and innovation of this game is that everything happens in real time and each action of those involved can lead to faster destruction or extend the time to save the world.

More about the game

Hurry up and download the Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 torrent to PC, as this is the last part of the trilogy and it gives you a unique opportunity to travel through a unique and unusual world. On the way there will be many interesting and almost insurmountable difficulties and opponents. All the action in the battle is turn-based, which means that the player and the opponent act in turn. Depending on which role you choose, the attacks will be physical or magical.

Characteristics that distinguish the game:

– This game has a completely updated tactics of warfare, the system of movement around the virtual world has also changed. Now the character that you have chosen for yourself is much easier to manage, each of your teams will be executed instantly. The design of the new fantasy world and its interesting plot will be especially interesting. Here the story of a fictional character named Lightning, who lives in the Final Fantasy universe, will be completed. During the management of this character of the game, you will again meet with the heroes who have already appeared in Final Fantasy III, and I will also meet new people.

– The essence of Lightning Returns lies in a completely new version of the game process, which will significantly affect the surrounding world. Incredible artistically created scenery will be able to fully convey the atmosphere of the game world very real, as well as additional technical innovations. Lightning Returns greatly enhances the player.

– One or other tasks are available only at certain points in the game as well as characters in the virtual world and moving according to the map. In each of the four regions of the universe, the end of the world is planned to be special, while the region and its lifestyle are taken into account to diversify the gameplay and add dynamics, unusual situations and events, and new heroes will also be offered for this.

-The player will wander around wastelands and wild lands in search of the necessary resources, the appearance of new locations will provide an excellent opportunity to improve your skills.

The labyrinths of the dark and terrible dungeon “The Dead Dunes” will help to overcome your own fears, as well as join the role of a real detective, who will be given tips for investigation in Luxerion – the city of light. When going through different quests in the city of Yunaan, it is worth remembering the time restrictions.

– The management of your character in the game is more advanced, which makes travel more convenient, thanks to a direct control system that was not previously available. If the need arises, the protagonist can make movements faster by jumping and descending, conquering new heights. All actions of the heroine Lightning are controlled by the controller, her combat mode has also been improved, with the help of the left control panel, you can move along the marking of the battle.

– More precise settings are available in the “full control” function. The heroine’s wardrobe has eighty exclusive outfits, equipped with different options for armor, weapons and much more. This feature allows the player to easily create for themselves the ideal hero and strategy for game plans.

– To change the style or scheme during the battle you need to press only one key. This option makes the player’s capabilities much wider when exploring virtual reality, allows you to change images in different battles. You can also tell friends about achievements and make purchases from other players. You can find all part of the game Final Fantasy on our website, in the games section

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