Lifeless The Zombie Survival

System requirements Lifeless The Zombie Survival

Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit SP1
Processor: Intel Core i3 3Ghz
HDD: 5 GB on the hard drive
Video Card: GTX 560
DirectX Version: 10
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Also: Keyboard, mouse


Lifeless The Zombie Survival

The process of survival in the zombie world is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Other subtleties of the Lifeless The Zombie Survival project may be more significant. Continuous search for items for crafting, not finding what you need, you can try to steal it. Although, perhaps this is mere trifles, compared with the inhabitants of the game. They will have to fight using various improvised means – axes, pipes and hammers. What could be more fun than crushing a zombie skull with a heavy object.

More about the game

The creators of Lifeless The Zombie Survival did everything possible so that their project was not just another survivor with zombies, where you need to thoughtlessly destroy the hordes of the walking dead. It has a storyline, and the participants are divided into fractions. Ordinary civilian, militarized citizens and aggressive bandits. You have the right to choose the side on which you will fight with zombies. Your further behavior depends on the choice. Will you live in peaceful settlements, do normal business, keep order, or choose the path of constant adventure, attacking passers-by, in search of profit.

There are tasks that are clearly tied to certain factions. As a result of the passage, you can be rewarded by one side and lose confidence in the other, sometimes it comes to restricting access to certain locations.

Project Features

– The difficulty level is impressive, it will not be easy to survive. You have to prove your superiority.
– Various fortifications and buildings are available to protect against ghouls.
– Experience points are available for killing zombies and for all kinds of actions – robbery, the construction of shelters and structures.
– The development of the skills of the hero helps to increase the level and get more and more points guaranteeing additional talents, the possession of which significantly diversifies the combat process.
– Various missions will help to make the gameplay brighter, and in the pursuit of a reward you will definitely not be bored.
– The game world offers to explore more than six square kilometers.

If you are already familiar with DayZ, you just need to download Lifeless The Zombie Survival via torrent using the menu on our site. Projects are similar in the presence of zombies. Try your hand as a savior of the planet. You will be carried away not only by an exciting plot, but also by bright and incredibly impressive gameplay and video sequence.

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