License key AdGuard 7.4 2020-2021

System requirements License key AdGuard 7.4 2020-2021

Windows: Minimum version of Windows XP SP3
RAM: 512 MB
Supported browsers all browsers, instant messengers, torrent clients and other programs with Internet access


License key AdGuard 7.4 2020-2021

Finally, a new version of AdGuard 7.4 has been released. For those who don’t know, AdGuard is an intrusive ad blocker on the Internet. It blocks ads in the browser and is suitable for almost any browser version. At the moment, the latest version of AdGuard 7.4. Download License key AdGuard 7.4 2020-2021 from our site for free. Before it, users loved AdGuard 6.4 very much, and some use it now, as it is easy to use and effective. The new program includes more functions and features, but here we will not describe them in detail. If you are interested in detailed information about the latest version of Adguard Premium 7.4.3238.0, then you can find it on the official website of the developers.

Key Details

Here you can download AdGuard 7.4 with a key for free via torrent. As you know, the free version of AdGuard 7.4 for Windows does not contain an activation key, but on our site you can download AdGuard 7.4 + a license key that will be embedded in the installation of the program itself. In general, after installation, you will receive the full version of AdGuard 7.4-7.3 and the eternal activation key.


Note that AdGuard 7.4 is suitable for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 x64-x32 bits. It happens that adguard is not installed on windows 7. If this happens, then try to clean the registry and reinstall the program again. All more positive and less negative, as well as success in everything!

Note!!! The program is activated for half a year, that is 180 days, after this period, simply run the “AdGuard Trial Reset” on the desktop, and you will get another half year, and so on ad infinitum.

On this page you can download key AdGuard 7.4 2020-2021 for free.



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