Let Me Leave Corona Zone

System requirements Let Me Leave Corona Zone:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: FX-6300, i5-2500
Video Card: HD7870, RX560, GTX 660, GTX 1030
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 4 GB


Let Me Leave Corona Zone

For those who dare to make an assumption about the safety of apartment buildings and the assurance that nothing will threaten you here, we will demonstrate how strongly such a statement can be erroneous. We present to your attention the game Let Me Leave Corona Zone, which will focus on one house. Living here has become a total hell for all the residents, among whom are you.

More about the game

The whole problem is the breakdown of the elevator. And all would be fine, but some strange supernatural creature has started up there, which terrifies all inhabitants to horror and even periodically kills. So you should as soon as possible find out what it is and do everything to free yourself from this terrible place. No need to think that completing such a task will be quite easy. You must interact with the environment and do everything in order not to get caught by this monster.

Run and hide

We cannot tell you how difficult it will be for the main character to fight this terrible creature, so the best option would be to flee and hide and seek. Try to use bright places with bright light. You also need to take into account the fact that you will not always have the opportunity to go down the stairs, sometimes you have to leave in roundabout ways, and sometimes even make an attempt to repair the elevator. Such a gameplay will require you to be vigilant and ready to find a way out of even the most difficult situation. Therefore, if you like such projects, and you are ready to experience all this on yourself, then you are welcome to our website. Here you will get the opportunity to download Let Me Leave Corona Zone torrent for free.

Gloomy surroundings

Also, one more quite interesting moment will be the gaming atmosphere and locations. The authors of the game made a lot of efforts so that the gamer could feel the atmosphere of fear and loneliness, despondency and complete hopelessness. So you have to save yourself, look for the opportunity to spend at least a minute calmly. But the feeling of complete security will not want to come to you. This vile creature all the time to be somewhere nearby and carefully monitor your every action. Periodically, it will put you in the wheel sticks on the way to the desired goal. Do you like to take risks? Then this adventure is for you. You just need to download the Let Me Leave Corona Zone torrent on our games portal and enjoy the gameplay.

Game features

Do your best to get out of this damned place and still survive. Soberly assess what you are capable of, try to help other prisoners in this terrible house. Everything is in your hands and depends only on your actions. Do not hesitate and make decisions. And we wish you a great time!

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