Left to Survive


System requirements Left to Survive:

Operating system: Win 7, 8, 10
Processor: Core i3-530 / AMD Athlon II X3 415e;
Video card: 2 GB
Disk space: 8 GB

Left to Survive

This is a third-person action game that invites you to play as a survivor and try to make every effort to ensure that the remaining people have normal conditions for later life. Upgrade your hero, become a legend and fight other mercenaries. Try to survive in this chaos and ensure your normal survival. And for this, you first have to download the Left to Survive torrent on a PC, so as not to worry about the restrictions and do everything for the sake of victory.

Unpredictable danger

The zombie apocalypse has reached incredible proportions and now danger awaits everywhere. Use a variety of weapons, from pistols and bats to grenades and sniper rifles. All this will allow you to rescue survivors and use vehicles to move quickly. By the way, even a helicopter will be available to choose from, which will be extremely difficult to find, but nevertheless it will be able to change the course of the game. In general, use all the possibilities, and no zombies can harm you. By the way, you have a functionality for building a camp of survivors, which you can develop and store survivors there.

Fight crowds of enemies

You will have to confront huge crowds of zombies that will pursue you and try to destroy you by any means. In any case, a unique confrontation awaits you, which will initially be unfair. Try to show your counter skills and succeed, just be careful and take your time with your decisions.

Destroy enemy bases

You will need a lot of resources and the only way to get enough of them is to rob other camps. Yes, it is morally unethical, but nevertheless, such activity will increase the chances of survival. You just need to prepare for a fierce confrontation from the owners of this camp.

Fight bosses

Get ready for battles with huge enemies, which are essentially bosses. This time you have to prepare well in order to gradually achieve success. Among the bosses of zombies, it should be noted huge individuals, agile jumpers and even those who can spit acid. Therefore, be careful and try not to make mistakes during the battle with them.


Build camps, look for the best equipment and become the strongest survivor among all the others. Help ordinary NPCs, create the best team to perform various tasks and destroy the creatures that have devoured almost all living people. And for this, you just have to download Left to Survive via torrent for free. We wish you good luck and success in this survival!

Game features

Hardcore zombie survival.
Large arsenal of weapons.
Build your own survivor camp.
Accumulate and sell resources.
Rob, save and do everything to survive.

On this page you can download the game Left to Survive via torrent for free on a PC.



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