Left Alive

System requirements Left Alive:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
Processor: Intel i5-2400S or AMD A8-7650K or better
Video Card: GTX 760, GTX 1050, R9 280 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 35 GB

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Left Alive

The game project Left Alive will help users to be in the Russian city of Novoslav. Outside the window – 2127, and everything around is saturated with blood, terrible events occur. For many decades, robots and people have been fighting among themselves for the right to exist. One of the species should completely disappear. Who will win? After all, robots were created by people themselves, and now they are forced to defend themselves from them. All creatures have a cybernetic brain, made of durable metal, which is almost impossible to penetrate, and can use weapons of mass destruction.

More about the game

The main focus that attracted the attention of users in this computer game is the plot component, and not the graphics or mechanics. It’s no secret that the story described in this game product has a close relationship with the plot of the Front Mission series of games. Of course, this attracted the attention of the game from players and critics, and this three-dimensional action turned out to be quite popular.

Game features

Getting to the game Left Alive, you get acquainted with the proposed characters. There are three of them, and each can act independently of the other heroes. In addition to their distinctive appearance, basic characteristics and characters, playable heroes also have original weapons and an arsenal. Gamers during the passage of the project will be able to switch from one character to another, and become participants in all storylines. If you don’t get cool weapons, then you simply can’t overcome robots. Everyone will have to create, robbing the remnants of metal after the defeat of enemy robots.

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