Last Joy

System requirements Last Joy

OS: Windows 7+
Video Card: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant



Last Joy

Today we bring to your attention a game project called Last Joy. This is a role-playing game, made in the 2D format, where many elements are painted in watercolor by hand. So, the storyline tells us about the city in which our character will be. It is rather gloomy and gray, and in general does not cause the most pleasant sensations. But at the beginning of its existence, the city was completely different. All this happened to him after the opening of the portal to the other world and now even the air in the city smelled of death.

More about the game

It so happened that the people who live in this fantasy world are immortal, in other words, they cannot die only if they want to. The city is called Last Joy, people from all over the world flock to it, desperate in life, unhappy and ready to die. People come here with all their savings in order to have a good time before leaving for the afterlife, along with available women, plenty of alcohol and to know the latest joys in life.

What is to be done?

Regarding the gameplay of Last Joy, it is simple and convenient, reminiscent of the first RPG projects of the 2000s. You will be engaged in the search for objects, improve your hero, bargain, fight and complete missions. And these same missions will be very original. The authors of the project made a lot of dialogues and quests that will pose a gamer with questions regarding willpower, ability to overcome difficulties, cling to the last chance and find a way out even in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Hand-made graphic design will add even more features. It is as if you will truly visit a magical city. So, if you are a connoisseur of high-quality graphics, you should definitely have Last Joy project in your collection, the torrent of which can be downloaded here.

Game Features:

non-standard battle system;
the presence of mini-games;
graphics drawn in watercolor;
a chance to play the game in many ways;
several graduation options;
you can take along companions to complete the assignment, each of them has its own storyline;
many different tasks, both basic and additional.

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